Monday, 21 January 2013

How's About A Natter?

  So today the snow finally hit Leeds and it hit it hard. Which luckily resulted in only working half a day, yay! So I decided rather than publish a beauty post today I thought I'd indulge in a little bit of general chit chat. I am a particularly nosey person so thought it would be nice so share a bit more about me outside of the blog.

I'm super excited as I decided spur of the moment last night that I'm gonna pop home to see my family this week. I live in Leeds with my boyfriend of 8 years, Ben and with just the two of us moving here 3 years ago it means I don't have any family here. As part of Ben's job he's working away in Edinburgh at the moment which means when I'm not at work I'm mostly alone, so as I have Wednesday and Thursday off work this week I thought it would be nice to spend them with my mum and dad. I love the independence of living on my own but sometimes you just need your home comforts you know!

Ive kept this to myself for a while now but...I have a new job! Anyone who knows me, understands how desperately I have wanted a change for quite some time so I'm so incredibly excited. For those of you who don't know me, I work within retail and have been an Assistant Manager for 18 months now. My new role is a step up in my career, not to mention I will be working for an incredibly luxurious company that I cant wait to be a part of. 3 weeks and counting..

I don't want to keep rambling on but I hope you've enjoyed a bit of change and a slight insight to my life, please let me know if you want to see these kind of posts more often, maybe once a week?



  1. I enjoyed reading this little post, you should do it more often I think :) Also congratulations on the new job, sounds great!! :) x

  2. snow really has hit leeds hard! i live on top of a hill in quite a high up part of leeds so it isnt budging on my street. wah.
    i like chatty posts like this :) i hope you have a lovely time back at home visiting your family! :) xx


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