Sunday, 13 April 2014

Video | Beauty Haul and Review

Video | What's In My Bag?

Video | Everyday Spring Make Up Tutorial

Hello all! As you may have guessed by now I have begun making YouTube videos on a regular basis rather than writing blog posts, finding time to photograph and write blog posts I find much more difficult these days and whilst I do still love fashion I have come to realise that beauty is something I have a natural passion for. Whilst I am contemplating a new career in the make up industry I thought YouTube would be a great place for me to be a bit more vocal about the products I love!

I will continue to post the links to my YouTube videos on my website here but if you enjoy and wish to continue to support me please do subscribe to my channel :)


Friday, 28 March 2014

Video | My Top 5 Orange Lipsticks

In this video I show you my top 5 orange lipsticks, talking through to formula and finish of each and including swatches of each shade on my lips.

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Saturday, 8 March 2014

Dressing Room/Make Up Tour

So, I finally decided to film my second YouTube video! 
I hope you all enjoy and if you do please subscribe as I hope to start uploading regularly :)

Links to storage used:
Wallpaper: Next
Chest of drawers: Ikea (Not currently on website)
Quote in frame: 
Acrylic Nail Polish storage: Amazon 
Desk: Ikea Micke
Chair: Ikea Martin
Acrylic drawer inserts: Ikea Godmorgon


Saturday, 15 February 2014

Pink Coat, Ripped Jeans

 Coat - Internacionale
Tee - New Look
Jeans - Primark
Boots - Topshop

Well, well, well look who it is. Am I back, am I not? I'm not sure. Where have I been? Having the life of a grown up I guess. Decorating our house, going crazy looking after our now 6 month old puppy, going through one of the hardest times in my career and having a life outside of the internet!

Whilst the blogging world is still booming I guess, I feel like I've watched from the sidelines as more and more bloggers have stopped sharing their thoughts and snaps, maybe some not on purpose (like me) some giving up as it is simply such an over saturated market and a wonder whether all the hard work and effort that goes into maintaining a blog is really all worth it? Are people genuinely interested in what we all have to say, is it just bloggers following bloggers or do non bloggers actually feel inspired by our outfit shots, are my stats real or is every 4 out of the 100 a real person and the remainder spam?

All of these things spin around in my mind when I think do I want to go put my glad rags on, set up my camera, take a million shots to only choose 3 and take my time to sit and write a post that no body will even read. I guess what won me over on this occasion was yes I do actually want to show someone, anyone my outfit today rather than just my boyfriend, he doesn't care about my bargain new coat or how I've put my outfit together, but even if only one real person see's it and likes it well that just makes me smile a little bit.

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